Prawn laksa soup

 Carrot and ginger soup with yoghurt 

Mexican vegetable soup

Mexican tomato and bean soup with cheese toasts

 Pumpkin & coconut soup

Moroccan sweet potato, carrot and chickpea soup

French onion soup

Italian-style risoni soup

 Potato and leek soup

Miso soup with prawns and eggplant

Cream of corn soup with roasted capsicum

Vegetable and barley soup

Tuscan white bean soup

Nori-wrapped salmon in miso broth

Zuppa povera (poor man’s soup)

Tomato soup

Cock-a-leekie soup with avocado

Watercress soup shots

Chorizo, kale and barley soup with walnut pesto

Herbed vegetable and white bean soup with garlic toasts

Lamb shanks in spiced potato and pea broth

Chilled cucumber soup with prawn and tomato salsa

Chilled tomato and harissa soup

Panzanella soup

Pumpkin, butter bean & spinach soup

Crab & corn soup

Cauliflower soup with almond parsley pesto

Thai-style bouillabaisse


Spring asparagus soup



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