Mutton Kebab

500 gm boneless mutton (cut into 1 1/4 inch
1/2 cup thick drained yogurt
2tsp garlic paste
1 tbsp lemon juice or vinegar
Chilli powder to taste
2 tbsp oil
For Masala grind:
6 cloves
8 black pepper corn
1 small piece cinnamon
2 tbsp cashew nut paste
Wash and dry the meat pieces with a kitchen towel. Marinate with lemon juice, garlic, ginger paste, salt, red chilli powder and masala powder and oil. Rub the mutton well with the masala 2-3 times and leave for 8-10 hours.
Pre-heat the barbecue or grill. Put the mutton pieces on a skewer, cook on charcoal fire or keep the skewer on a greased wire mesh of the barbecue.
Turn those 2-3 times and smear with oil 2-3 times. Serve with onion, chilli salad and mint chutney.

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